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Reflect, Reframe, Reimagine

A free, interactive group coaching session aimed at women in Paris seeking an opportunity to reflect and reimagine new and different ways of being as we enter a new and undoubtedly challenging year - as well as to make new connections  during a time of confinement. 

The session creates a safe and supportive environment designed to generate new, imaginative thinking, mutual support and information, resulting in tangible goals and actions for 2021 - in any area of life.

This session was first delivered in November 2020 as part of Somerset House Studios / The British Council's Amplify2020 programme for women from Argentina, Canada and the UK. 

1 hour 45 minute Zoom workshop, with break, including group coaching, discussion, ideas generation, peer support and networking.

Spaces limited. Click on the link below to email

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What can be learnt from 2020? Turning experience into knowledge 



What, that is within your control, could be done differently? What do you have no control over?Exploring new perspectives



With will do you do next? Defining actions and longer term goals

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